Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So I saw three movies over the long weekend.. The Island (I like Ewan McGregor's cheesy smile) which was only OK, Agent Cody Banks (I know, I'm embarrassed too) but I missed the ending (probably a good thing), and The Weatherman. None of them were that great. I had no idea what The Weatherman was about (apart from the obvious) and it was kind of slow and more subtle than I was expecting, though they were some bloody strange scenes, and I felt sorry for him getting things thrown at him. I'd love to watch a really good movie.. any suggestions?


  1. I haven't, no. Must be good?

  2. how about 'the life of david gayle'? it's with kevin spacey and kate winslet, unusual but really good.

  3. Yeah. Its sad, but really really good. I rented it then went and bought it. I have seen it atleast 15 time since I bought it last month. In some weird way it has become like my security blanket..


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