Saturday, May 13, 2006


So, before I knew I was expecting Boy, I thought I'd do something good for everyone, and give blood. I signed up to have letters sent to me reminding me of the next blood donation spot or whatever it's called, and never went. I felt bad. They ended up sending me a video and reminders almost every week - it seemed a desperate attempt to get more blood donors. Anyway, I had to call them up and tell them 'I'm so sorry, but I'm pregnant now' and thus, couldn't give blood. Hadn't thought anymore of it. Until I went into hospital and every other person who entered my room wanted to poke me with a needle to monitor my blood sugar levels or for blood samples, or even worse - to change my IV (again and again and again). It turns out I have small, crap veins which are no good for any of these things. Every day they needed a blood sample (to monitor pancreatic enzymes apparently, unless I'm wrong which is a possibility) and everyday, the nurse or doctor or whoever had to try at least two, sometimes three times to get a decent amount of blood. My arms are all bruised now from their attempts. As of now, I'm now declaring myself allergic to needles.


  1. I've only ever given blood once and they took forever getting it to flow. They poked around so much in my arm, moving the needle this way and that, that I fainted. So embarrassing.

  2. Oh no. I'm glad I never fainted.. I feel a little better now.


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