Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I've had a headache that's lasted most of the day for two days in a row now. I shouldn't complain though, because I'm too lazy to take any painkillers. I just want it to go away on its own. Has anyone ever tried that visualisation thing? I heard about it once - you give your headache all these characteristics, like it's pink and thin, like a piece of bubble gum being blown, you can almost see through it - and then you just visualise it going away, like maybe it pops. Or it can be hard and glasslike, like a piece of obsidian and then watch as it smashed into a million small chunks. I don't know, it's never worked for me.


  1. Lame! Headaches make for crummy days - I'm sorry you've got one! I've never tried the visualization thing, but anything that might work ....

    Good luck!

  2. I really should just get some painkillers and stop whinging. Oh well :) At least it isn't a migraine..

  3. I've never tried the visualisation thing but a friend of mine swears by it. She visualises her headache as a big bright glass ball which she focusses on and the simply smashes it.

    I usually take the opportunity to go and have a lie down in the quiet when I have a headache. It works for me.

  4. Yeah, I know some people it works for as well, but I'm still skeptical, so maybe that's why it doesn't work? I'd like to say I also go lie down, but really - I just moan and forget to take the painkillers!


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