Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So, enough with the personal crap. I've read two books over the last couple of days. The first book in Meg Cabot's Missing series (why, why, why was there only the first one in my local library?!) which I loved. And the second was The Gospel According To Larry as told to Janet Tashjian. Absolutely ages ago, a mad rep told me about this book, about a 17 year old boy who starts up a website about his alter-ego, Larry who spouts anti-consumerism ideas and anti-celebrity worship, who only owns 75 possessions. I loved the idea of it, and so when I saw it in the library, I got quite excited and read it bits and pieces over two days. I quite enjoyed it. It had a nice message of changing the world in small steps - or 'person to person' like in one of the quotes in there from Mother Teresa, and of telling people how you really feel, opening up. The one thing that bothered me about this book is the cover - what does it mean? It confuses me.

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