Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sharif Atkins

So, we finally got around to watching the two week's worth of ER last night, and oh how much did I cry? We loved Michael Gallant's character so much, that when we brought back an FAO Schwarz bear from New York last year, we named the bear 'Sharif Atkins' and so the episode was just too sad for me. Thinking about it, it does make sense and I should have seen it coming, but I really didn't. Here's a picture (even though I don't like it much because of the sheer amount of hair).
The rest of the episode was so sad as well. I'm sure loads of people thought the Clemente scenes were funny (my husband included) , but I just couldn't see it like that - I thought it was heartbreaking watching a man completely break down like that :(


  1. Yes, I too thought it was heartbreaking. The title of the episode was very good, 'The GALLANT hero, and the tragic VICTOR.' Smart huh... Gallant hero, Doctor Gallant... Tragic Victor... i.e. VICTOR Clemente. :p

  2. It was terrible! And then I cried the whole way through his funeral as well. Poor Neela!


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