Sunday, May 28, 2006

Soccer Aid (edited)

Loads of good stuff on the telly last night (taped ER episodes aside) and one of them was Soccer Aid. I have to admit I was completely oblivious to the buildup for this - I hadn't heard of it until someone switched on the TV and said 'oh, this is on.' I don't support a football team or anything, and only watch football in big events like the World Cup, but this was fun and for a good cause. The only crap thing, was everytime I went upstairs to change Boy or do whatever, I'd come back downstairs just in time to miss England score their goals. Oh well.

Oh my god. Of course, the most important thing is that all the money is going to UNICEF. How did I not mentioned this before? Donate by going to (thanks eeyore220376)

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  1. Soccer AID was a football match in aid of UNICEF. You can donate at


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