Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Evil Star

Ooh, I loved this book (even with that crap tagline 'when it flickers the world dies' who writes this stuff?!). I love Anthony Horowitz's books in general. Actually, I've only read his Alex Rider books, but still - I loved those (and there's a movie coming out - Stormbreaker! this summer!) I read Raven's Gate (the first in the Power of Five series) ages ago as a proof and knew I'd loved the series, I wasn't wrong. Just like the Alex Rider books, Matt Freeman's quite a reluctant hero and I just feel so sorry for him, but at least he isn't quite as alone. Anyway, this was one of those books that I really just couldn't read quickly enough and wanted to skip ahead and I had to force myself not to peak at the end (I wasn't successful, but don't worry I still enjoyed it). There was so much action and gasp-worthy stuff going on, at the end I was holding my breath. Can't wait for the next one!

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