Thursday, June 22, 2006

Decisions Decisions

So last night I had to make some hard decisions: What to watch on TV? (Hey, these things are hard for me!) Ended up with a compromise. I watched the Holland v. Argentina game for half an hour, then switched over for Gordon Ramsay's F Word (he makes me laugh) and then switched over for the last half hour of When Harry Met Sally. During commercial breaks, I read bits of my book. It was a nice evening...


  1. F Word, huh? I've watched him in Hell's Kitchen and the other show where he visits restaurants to help boost their sales. But I have yet to hear about this show...

  2. Oh is that his name? The Hell's Kitchen guy? I love him. He's such a meany. It probably isn't meant to be funny but that show really cracks me up! Never heard of the other show though.

  3. Sounds like a good way to spend an evening to me. Gordon Ramsay can be so cruel and yet so funny.

    I know it's a little mad but I love Meg Ryan movies.


  4. Atasha and Diana - The F Word is great - he's started this restaurant somewhere and 50 people come in to have a three course meal. Amateur chefs do all the cooking, and if any of the guests aren't happy with the food, they don't have to pay for that course. All the dishes are meant to be easy enough for anyone to cook them. Plus he has other mildy-famous people on as guests and do other food related bits. Last year him and his kids raised turkeys that Gordon roasted at the end, this year it's pigs.
    Falcon - I know, it's sad, but I love Meg Ryan films too!


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