Monday, June 26, 2006


OK, I'm asking for help here. First off, let me just say I haven't ever been too great at maintaining a healthy diet. Once for a whole year (it was dysfunctional family avoidance) I ate nothing but fast food for lunch and dinner (I was a teenager, I didn't eat breakfast) and now I'm trying to change that, because of Boy. So anyway, here's where you come in. I don't like fish, but I know it's meant to be healthy to eat, so if anyone has any recipes or suggestions for what fish I can eat (keep in mind, I've only just gotten used to fresh tuna (as opposed to tuna tins)) that would be great. I figure if I do this stuff now, I'll have some time to get used to things.


  1. Fish, I love all fish...

    First figure out what fish you like, either white fish like cod, haddock and plaice or meaty fish like tuna or swordfish.

    Then there are all the shellfish, though I think it's better in babies don't eat prawns etc untill they are older.

    Cod Satay is delicious and easy. If you don't feel like making a satay sauce yourself tecso finest has an excellent satay dipping source. All you have to do is grill the cod a little until its cooked. Generously coat one side on side in the sauce and cook untill it bubbles and stops being too runny. Eat with sticky white rice. It's more of a side to a main meal but really yummy.

    Barbequed Salmon steak and swordfist are also heavenly and all you need in lemon, salt and pepper to start with.

    Hope that helps.


  2. Stay away from Tilapia. It is a nasty bottom-feeder fish. Gross.

    One of the best fish you can have is Salmon. If it is fresh, there is not really a fishy taste to it. It has so many good Omega-3 oils that help maintain and develop brain function and also help your immune system. I heard a nutritionist say once that you should have Salmon three times a week. I have never tried that but I take a fish-oil supplement every day and eat it about once a week.

    Good luck with your change of diet! I am excited for you. If you go to, they have quite a few different ways to cook fish, as does

  3. do you have an email? i have a couple of great receipes!


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