Wednesday, June 07, 2006


So, this thing with about houses. Basically, we've put an offer onto this massive house with absolutely tonnes of space which is in an OK area (nothing overtly bad about it) but it does have it's issues - we'd need to do a lot of work to the decor plus extend and overhaul the kitchen and change the bathroom (which has a ghastly pink suite). Or is it better to pull out of this house and go for a different house in a fantastic area even though it would be considerably smaller plus more expensive? Should space be more important than the area? I have no idea.


  1. I'm no expert, but I was once told you should go for the worst house in the best area. I assume cos that way you can add value in an already popular location.

  2. yes i think i agree that the area is quite important, and you can always add to the house, rather than the area! which area is it? i'm also in london (well, essex these days) and have lived here for 10 years, so know it pretty well... email me if you think i can help :o)

  3. The thing is, the houses in this other area have already been fully extended and had loft conversions and everything - there's nothing more we can do to make it larger, but they're STILL that much smaller in size to this other house that's still in a decent area.


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