Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Nikki tagged me to do this ABC meme.. Here goes:

ABC Meme
ACCENT: Well actually, a friend of the family called the other day and I hadn’t spoken to her in absolutely ages, but she wanted to come visit Boy, so she did the following day. When I opened the door she said when she’d phoned, she got so confused because she said I sounded absolutely Scottish. I didn’t know what to say. When I arrived here (nearly) six years ago, my accent wasn’t that noticeably American (I mean not annoying) but now it’s warped into this weird English-American hybrid.

BIBLE BOOK THAT I LIKE: I have no idea. I’ve never had the urge to read much of it.

CHORE I DON'T CARE FOR: Ironing. I refuse.

DOG OR CAT: I’d love to have a dog. The people I live with have a fear of cats, so there’s just no chance I’ll ever have one.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Definitely the computer. Everything else kind of pales in comparison.



HANDBAG I CARRY MOST OFTEN: I have a nappy bag that goes everywhere with me, but I also have this little green handbag that smells of baby puke now. Pleasant, eh?

INSOMNIA: Cheese. (What? They’re both random words, what else am I supposed to write?)

JOB TITLE: Mom, I guess.

KIDS: My six month old son, Boy (no one actually thinks this is his real name, right?)

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: We’ve just sold our house, and currently have an accepted offer on another house 40 minutes away from where we live now but there have been some second thoughts so, watch this space.

MOST ADMIRABLE TRAIT: Admirable – hmm, I’m not too sure. I don’t think anyone would be too impressed by any of my traits.

NAUGHTIEST CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR: Yeah, I wasn’t the naughty kid. I was the school nerd who asked my parents to go to summer school for my birthday.

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: A few nights stay for when Boy was born, 10 days for the pancreatitis.

PHOBIAS: Snakes. Heights. Public speaking.

QUOTE: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent – Elenor Roosevelt

RELIGION: Kind of in between. I was supposed to be going to Catholic classes in the fall, but now that we’re moving, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

SIBLINGS: Brother, two years older than me.

TIME I WAKE UP: The last few days it’s been 3:00, and then every half an hour until about 6:30

UNUSUAL TALENT OR SKILL: I can bore you all silly with this blog.

VEGETABLE I REFUSE TO EAT: Courgettes, it’s the texture. Or eggplant, is that considered a vegetable - it's hard to tell.

WORST HABIT: Swearing, procrastination, negativity

X-RAYS: I sprained my ankle when I was like 6, and some recently for the whole pancreas thing.


ZOO ANIMAL I LIKE MOST: Giraffes, elephants.

I don't like tagging people (I'm shy) so anyone who wants to do.. feel free.

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