Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Listening to

I'm currently listening to this. I love this album. Great songs, especially Under Your Spell - with great lyrics ('this line's mostly filler' always kills me) to accompany a fantastic episode. Go out and get it now, and soon enough you'll be singing 'they got the mustard out' along with me :) I took it to work to play on the shopfloor (to relieve the monotony of Elvis and Beatles CDs) once and strangely, it was quite popular but I had to take it home because Spike says a naughty word. Oh well. I needed a good pick-me-up album after the last few days, and this really did the trick.


  1. Hey Michelle,

    Sorry you had a bad day, Hope Elliot sleeping better. People who work in Health clinics are horrid. They are meant to be nice and helpful and maybe care a little but no just heartless gossips.

    Oh the house thing, I'd say go with the space thing, even though I just did the total opposite. But renting is different I mean with buying the place is your so you can fix up what you don't like.

    take care love falcon

    p.s I haven't listened to that buffy album snice the shop, brings back memories...

  2. I adore this album! Especially Under Your Spell, who knew that Tara would have such a great voice. But my fave of all is I'll Never Tell from Xander and Anya, what a brilliant cheer-me-up song!

  3. I loved that episode! Joss Whedon is Brillent!

  4. Loved that episode too. My favourite bit is Anya singing about bunnies `what do they need such good eyesight for anyway'.
    The show was so misunderstood by many people.


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