Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm so looking forward to this movie! I've loved all of his films so far, they're a little different. And of, I've just seen on that he (M. Night Shyamalan) has written the screenplay to Life of Pi (am I a little behind here, or what?) and how are they going to manage that? A boy in a boat with a tiger? And I never really understood what happened on that weirdo island? Or was that a different book? Oh god, it's been so long and my copy of Life of Pi is packed away in storage somewhere and I can't check. Oh. But it won't be out until next year anyway, phew. Anyway, Lady in the Water - looks strange. I think I'll have to go see it. Christ, I can't remember the last film I saw at cinema.. maybe it was Harry Potter just before Boy was born?

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  1. I love his movies...they are always, in a good way. And they resonate for so long....
    Is Life of Pi a good read? I am DESPERATE for something to read.


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