Saturday, June 24, 2006


So little has happened over the last few days, I have nothing to write about. So I thought I'd tell you my reasons for starting this blog about five months ago (wow, it doesn't feel like it's been that long!)

1. I was bored one day and my friend Diane had just sent mer HER new blog and she just seemed (to me) the most unlikely person to have one.

2. I had lots more time on my hands (then!), and wanted to do something that didn't revolve around my little Boy. Don't get me wrong, he's great and I love him to bits, but there's a reason I don't write more posts about him. I need something away from him, so I don't get to that stage where I'm JUST a mom. I love talking about babies and everything, but I needed to reconfirm that I could talk about other stuff too.

3. I needed someplace to air out what I was thinking about and just generally - chat I guess would be the best word. It was hard for me to go from working full-time (in retail, no less where I had loads of conversations a day) to being mostly alone with a little baby. I NEEDED that outlet.

4. With this, I can just natter away to my heart's content whether you like it or not. I love books. I love talking about books, and sharing books and getting RECOMMENDATIONS! And I know that the people in my life get TIRED of hearing about it. This way, I thought I'd meet more people like me who are complete dorks and read Meg Cabot AND stop bugging my husband to hear what my latest kiddy book is about.

Well, anyway, I'm bored with this list.

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