Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tastebud Club

I got a fabulous package in the post today. I'm the proud member of the Jelly Belly Tastebud Club. Yes, I know, I'm 23 and probably not the target age for the club, but I just love it. Initially they send a huge bag of jelly beans and lots of little goodies (a badge, a pen, a balloon, a keychain, lots of samples!) and then every couple of months they send more sample bags and bags of new flavours and a newletter. How much do I want to try those new sport bean thingys?! I am such a child, these things amuse and excite me. Last year they sent me a birthday card, I showed it off proudly.


  1. Hey nothing wrong with that. It good to enjoy these things. The day you start feeling old, now that's trouble. I on the other hand am so deprived. I've only tasted Jelly Beans once in my entire life and I was in my 20s when this occured.

    By the way, there's an error on the link. There's a comma after the www instead of a period.

  2. I love jelly Belly's! My grandmother would love to me in the tastebud club!

  3. Atasha - I cannot believe you went that long without jellybeans! My aunt lives like 10 minutes away from the Jellybean factory thing, I love it there.
    Nikkie - There's probably a link on the website, I think it'd be a fun gift :)


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