Friday, June 02, 2006

Remember film?

So, whilst packing we founds loads of old junk we would never have remembered about, especially in our basement. My husband pulled out this rotten old box filled with leaking batteries, pulls out something unrecognisable and says to me 'remember film?' It was a box of old 35mm film that we hadn't used since getting our digital camera absolutely ages ago. But what was worse, was I found two absolutely bulging bags crammed with terrible photos back in the days where we had to get two prints of everything because I was in America and he was in England - even two copies of these awful, awful shots. They were clearly labelled 'never to be seen pictures' and the shredding of those took over four days. But luckily, the contracts have been signed and exchanged, and officially our house is sold!


  1. 35mm... just saying that is kind of like saying... Commodore 64...

  2. Hey Michelle
    congrats on selling the house :-)

    You know I still use about million rolls of 35mm Film in my SLR every year! Whenever anyone is going aboard I beg them to get me cheap film. I know I know its out dated but I'd need a 15mega pixel digital SLR to get the same quality and that's not happening anytime soon.

    I hide bad photo's back in a box at my parents house under lock and key...I can't bring myself to destroy them...


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