Tuesday, July 25, 2006

At last!

I went to the library yesterday to return my huge tower of library books, and I felt really bad that I'd had this one for well over a month and hadn't yet finished the first (slim) book. As much as I've complained about reading this book, I didn't actually hate it. It's just not my sort of thing. A lot of the meant-to-be-funny bits passed me by, but it was interesting premise and I'm sure if I'd given it half a chance I would have read and enjoyed the other books in the series. But I know that right now, if I attempted them, I'd have been reading them just for the sake of reading them, and there are so many other books I'd enjoy right now...
But I might try the movie.


  1. The books are way better than the movie. I loved this series! Couldn't stop laughing. Had to stop reading it in public because people kept staring at me. As if spontaneous snorting was uncool.

  2. Don't bother with the movie, it's dreadful.


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