Sunday, July 16, 2006


Did anyone else watch Edward Scissorhands on TV last night? I love that movie so much, I love Tim Burton! It breaks my heart everytime I see it - when they're sitting at the dinner table and Edward has a pea balancing at the end of one of his scissor bits, and then it falls off, and he tries it again, and again it falls off. Oh, just everything about Johnny Depp's portrayal of him, he makes me laugh, and cry! I have the movie on DVD and can watch it anytime I like, but I just couldn't turn the channel last night.


  1. I really liked that movie too! I haven't seen it in ages!

  2. The part where he's making the angel ice sculpture and Wiona ryder thinks its snowing is one of my favourite scenes in cinema. It's so moving and nobody has to even say a word.

    In fact I think I'll listen to the soundtrack today :-)


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