Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I've just put this album on to listen to. Does anyone else have music that immediately brings them back to another time and another place? This album does that for me. It reminds me of a time when I did things on the spur of the moment, completely spontaneous. When I twirled happily in parking lots and squealed with laughter and was completely and utterly enthralled in new love. It was the start of something great. Look at us over 7 years later :)

I love that we're older, and not so stupid (OK, you never were - but how did you put up with me?)

I love that we know where we are, where we stand, no more uncertainty. (and I don't have to speak to anymore long-distance operators)

I love that I can be completely myself around you and not have to worry if you'll make fun of me (because I know you will)

I love that you're just as playful, thoughtful, and caring as you were then (more so?)

Corey Flood: [Lloyd's letter to Diane] Dear Diane, I'll always be there for you. All the love in my heart, Lloyd. from Say Anything

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  1. This album makes me remember those times as well. It makes me remember Borders also!


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