Friday, October 13, 2006

Boring Me

So... we have our broadband finally. I've been looking forward to it for six weeks.. and you know what? It's kind of a let-down having it all connected today. I'd occasionally go to the library to check my email during that time, and it was always sooooo depressing - first, having the slowest of connections, and then not getting any interesting email (I got virus after virus, very annoying) made me feel quite low (though all the comments were great, thanks everyone). And our broadband connection here at home has been a little unreliable these few hours, cutting out constantly (I've written this on Notepad and once I can get to Blogger, will copy and paste. What else can I do?) and it continues to be a little depressing. Now that I have my internet back, I find I have nothing interesting to write about. Sorry. So instead I'll be slowly catching up with all of your lives instead, and maybe get back into things one of these days.

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