Saturday, November 11, 2006


It was a good friend's 30th birthday last Tuesday. We were invited to dinner in London to celebrate, but we couldn't go for so many reasons. First, Elliot was too ill so we wouldn't have gone in any case. Second, it was in London. We live in another county outside of even the London suburbs. It would have taken forever just to get into London, and then before everyone else finished their dinners we would have had to leave. There are many things we'll have to turn down because of time and distance, and that's a little disappointing. It's been a difficult adjustment, moving so far away from what we were used to. We're no longer close to the High Street, or a tube station. Even the train station feels like miles away. The only bus that runs in this area only runs about every hour or so and only travels to a very limited area. I do sometimes feel trapped in the middle of nowhere. I need a car or a bike or some form of reliable transport. I do have to remind myself of the reasons for this move. A cleaner, greener environment to live in, better schools for Elliot, a more spacious house. I find that I always focus on the negative, that I wallow in it, and I need to do something to change that. Happy belated birthday Andrew!

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