Monday, November 20, 2006


We've finally gotten Elliot's room all decorated, and I was quite excited to put the photos up.. I struggled a little finding the right angles and getting all the important stuff in.. aimed.. and then thought I'd better start with the beginning. In this case, the door with Elliot's name on it. I thought to myself, let me just take a photo of the door, so I won't forget and then get to the good stuff. That done, I looked for perfect angles again, was just about to click, when ... beep beep beep. That horrible sound of the camera battery dying on me. It had to happen, didn't it? Still no photos of the Boy in shoes. Mommy was not feeling in a great mood today, and I had no patience to get him all dressed up and out for a walk of any sort. It's now 6 days until Elliot's party and 8 days until his birthday, and N and I still don't have a birthday card for Little Boy. I think we left it just a bit too late... and can I just ask, is THIS tacky? or nice? I can't make up my mind.


  1. Ummm to be honest its a little tacky. You could always make his a card, stuff like that tends to mean more when your older.

    I think my mum still has the name plate for my door from when I was a kid.


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