Monday, December 11, 2006

Pregnant Christmas and more

I keep meaning to post most days, and I've failed miserably this last week :) Not much happening anyway. We tried our hardest to put up the Christmas tree yesterday evening, but only managed assembling the tree (how awful does that sound? I wish we had a REAL tree!) and the lights. The tinsel and ornaments will have to wait for another time. Since Little Boy is pretty curious and grabby, we've decided to put the tree in the conservatory, which was a nice idea to begin with - but with this weather, it is mighty chilly out there! Pictures to follow.

I bought a home pregnancy test the other day. I'm not usually late, and I never skip a period, so I thought the pregnancy test would just confirm what I already believed. I started daydreaming about having a little girl, what we would name her, how we would decorate her room... I thought that it was a pretty sure thing (even with the precautions we took) and there was no point thinking how much nicer it would have been if we'd waited until Elliot was older and understood before having another child. I'm not pregnant though. And I'm relieved mostly, but there is still that lingering disappointment.

Our drains were blocked. This is never a good thing. Before we'd moved in, the previous owner had said he'd had a problem in the past where the next door neighbours were flushing nappy wipes and blocked the system. Those neighbours moved out recently, but they left a present behind for us: the NAPPIES they'd flushed down their toilet. We were horrified to find that in our drains. Poor N had to shovel the ... blockage into bin liners and that seemed to clear up the problem for now. It was not a good day yesterday.

Speaking of Christmas, it's only a few weeks away and I still have not bought ANYTHING for N. I am really stuck, what do I get him? HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!


  1. I'm sorry, but I'm sure a girl will be with you one day :-)

    What Awful neighbours, I've had some bad ones but no one that stupid, it isn't that hard to take a bin out. Poor guy

    Suggestion - Wireless Headphones (they seem to be the lastest tech crazy)
    - Go the the Science Museum and buy random gadget, hours of amusment.

  2. Happy the the "nappie" neighbors are gone!


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