Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Me meme

I know I've been tagged to do two other memes, but I stumbled across this one and it looked challenging. I know that as soon as I press 'publish' I'll think of a million better answers, but for now, here it is:

I am: a woman, a wife, a stay at home mother, a daughter, a sister, shy, a blogger, a friend, a Cancer, clumsy, a little overweight, a high-school dropout, loyal, currently watching season 2 of Lost, melodramatic, lazy, confused, overly sensitive, hard on myself, in my 20s, addicted to chocolate and sweets, a home-owner, an American, a foreigner in this country, out of place.

I want: my son to grow up happy and healthy, a laptop, a manicure and a back massage, a fudge brownie, to make peace with my mother, to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, a baby girl, a new mobile phone, to have a nice Christmas, a make-over, a good therapist, to go on holiday anywhere as long as its sometime soon, more comments on my blog, to travel the world, a puppy, a maid, new bathroom suites.

I hate: standing in queues, rude people, waiting, when people suck helium out of balloons and then speak funny, arrogance, when my nails chip, when I say the wrong thing at the wrong time, emptying the nappy bin, ironing, how insensitive I can be, my feet, conversations about politics, being pressured, my bad memories.

I love: my son, my husband, our life together, my family and friends, cheesecake, writing, reading, long hot bubble baths, books, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, the library, watching movies, organising things, writing lists, reading blogs, sitting in the conservatory when its raining, rereading favourite books, watching Joan of Arcadia, overhearing conversations, my red blanket I grew up with, the colour red, my collections, baking, secrets, playing with my son, twirling.

I miss: my dad, my brother, Homer, Kodiak, having a dog, living someplace where it’s easy to get to local shops, the Borders in Eugene, having a close circle of friends, living in Alaska, my family before the divorce, my Uncle Steve, American sweets, my hiding place in my old house.

I fear: snakes, heights, success, responsibility, failing as a mother, driving, being alone, loud noises, the person who I might become.

I hear: badly and people have to repeat themselves a million times, the computer whirring, the voice in my head narrating, the house groaning, Boy sleeping in the next room, the clock ticking.

I sing: poorly, all the time, to the radio, to myself, to Elliot.

I dance: very rarely, only at weddings and special occasions, badly, self-consciously.

I cry: all the time, when I’m upset, during most books, at cheesy commercials, when I look at Elliot in a happy way, when I’m angry, when my feelings are hurt, when I’m down.

I am not always: truthful, prepared, easy to get a long with, strong, thoughtful, on time, organised, on top of the cleaning or the laundry, nice,

I start: many things and never finish, babbling when I’m nervous.

I finish: this meme.


  1. Lovely! I should do this one ~ stream-of-consciousness writing is a good thing. :) Plus, I'm a cancer ~ and you have an additional comment, now, which is one of the things you want!

    Way to go, you!


  2. Wow, I love this. It does sound challenging. Maybe I will try it.....anyways here is another comment.

  3. PS, I forgot I lOVE LOVE LOVE the new design.

  4. I may actually try this one. ANd oh how I love the new design! Makes me feel like I need a change too.

  5. Wow the new looks is fantastic :-)

    I like that tag its very insightful. btw I don't think anyonw would ever think of you an insensative.

  6. I love the new look with all the butterflies! Perfect.

    I use to date Ben & Jerry on a regular basis, they didn't care when I gained weight! HA!

    I love overhearing conversations too, absolutely wicked of us.


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