Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Children's books

A while back, my dad asked for a favour. He wanted me to buy a book for my cousin's child, Alex who is 7 and to post the book to Alex in Texas. I wrote Alex a letter explaining that the idea of sending the book was from my father, but also included a list of my favourite children's books that I thought he might like. I thought nothing more of it, until I recieved a huge box in the post about a month later. The darling child had written a beautiful hand-written card thanking me for the book, and in return, he was sending a collection of HIS favourite books growing up to give to my son. My heart melted. Obviously my cousin was behind this (who I don't know very well) but still, this little boy's shaky handwriting just made my heart burst! Included amongst the books Alex sent, was a story I'd never heard of before, called Goodnight Moon. It's a very sweet and simple poem-type book, listing everyday items in a room and then wishing them all goodnight. I love that it was my cousin's child's favourite book and all, but does anyone else think 'wow, how simple is this book? I could write something like this!'? I do, all the time.
Have I mentioned before that Wednesdays are my free days? I drop Elliot off to his grandma in the mornings and have the day to myself. Today's planned relaxation activity: doctor's appointment. Crap, how did I manage to book an appointment for my day off? Oh well, it's nothing serious, just a check-up. I did manage to go to the library and pick up some books, and grabbed a sandwich from Subway on the way home.
Current Cadbury creme egg count: 5


  1. Ahhh that is adorable! I think I'd be in tears, E's cousins sent us a thank you card, it was so cute I made sure it went up in the flat. btw I just got an x-mas card from you, so a belated Thanks!

    p.s I hope you enjoy Emily I adore her and thanks you even more for the nomination tis most kind! You are my "blog I'll never stop reading" so please don't stop writing!

  2. Thats is so sweet. how cool to share books like that.

    PS thanks for the nomination. That is really awesome of you!

  3. I can't think of anything more meaningful to share than one's favorite books, so personal!

  4. KIds are amazing! what an incredible story. I would love to know what are some of your favorite children books? We have just added Kathy Ireland's children's books they are delightful. I can't wai tot find Goodnight Moon.


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