Friday, January 26, 2007

Old and New

Did I ever mention before that I collect Eeyores? Well, I do. Here are the latest three in my collection. I've lost count of how many donkeys I now own, but it is quite a lot. I'm just sad that at the moment I don't have anywhere to show them off (they're still stuck in boxes in the garage, I could cry!) The whole thing started with my husband. N and I met on the Internet many, many years ago and that first year that we talked to each other, we were both in our Eeyore moods, if that makes sense. The attraction to Eeyore is his gloominess, his depression, his utter loveability, and we could both relate to that. The first Eeyore he bought for me was the first time N flew out to see me, in December of 1999. There must have been a Disney store at the mall (though I don't remember its existence) but anyway, I saw this absolutely adorable Eeyore dressed as a butterfly and when we left the store N said he had to run to the loo, but to wait for him by this bench. As I was sitting there I thought to myself, that N didn't go down the right section for the toilets. It was strange, but I quickly forgot about it. On the way home, he surprised me by giving me the Butterfly Eeyore I'd gushed so much about, which he snuck off to buy for me :) For a Christmas present, he'd bought me a huge cuddly Eeyore, and my collection began...

But now we've started a new collection, a new generation type of thing, in honour of our son, Elliot. N and I didn't know when we named Baby Boy 'Elliot' that Birthdays (a chain of greeting cards stores) had started a new range of cards and toys centred around a little elephant and his mouse-friend, called Elliot and Buttons. Isn't he adorable? I haven't yet thought how I'm going to have space for all the donkeys and elephants in my one small house, but there you go, I can't go turning them out now... Please tell me I'm not the only insane person whose house is overrun by collections out of control!


  1. I have a few Eeyores myself, including the cuddliest hot-water bottle cover in the world.
    I have a few Elliot and Buttons cross-stitch patterns out of magazines and I've always thought he was a very cute elephant.

  2. Laurel got her first Eeyore this Christmas. He's a big soft fluffy pillow that she loves to cuddle.

    I don't really collect stuff, and yet I have a lot of junk. Just missing a theme.


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