Monday, February 19, 2007

Long Overdue

Hi everyone :) I decided to take a long weekend away as a challenge for myself and a test of my willpower - and I'm surprised that I managed. Woohoo for me, I may not be as weak-willed as I thought! Here's what's been happenening and what I WOULD have posted about if I wasn't away...
First, Valentine's Day. N and I aren't huge into Valentine's Day, but we do usually make each other cards and he buys me a small gift. Here are my Valentines - N helped Elliot make the green one, isn't the best? I won't post a picture of the card I made for him, because it really doesn't compare.
Next, myspace. *SIGH* I always thought myspace was tacky and that I'd never use it, but oh dear god, I now have a myspace page. And do you know what's sad? I'm really into it. It's fun looking up people I used to know. But please, please go and make me your friend. I at least would like to have friends in the double-digits.
A comment led me to think of a new whatchamacallit thing that I'll do every week, called Friday Favourites and you can join in too. I think it'll be fun, you just post about your favourite whatever, song, recipe, quote, movie, book, photo, memory - anything and then sign the Mr Linky so everyone else can visit and so on. I've seen Mr Linkys around but never used them, so I'm trying it out now - please sign it so I'll know, OK? It's just a free link for you, and it'll only take a second.


  1. I found out I was the same way about Myspace!

    And I tried my first Linky today, too! If you want to do another meme, be sure to stop by & participate in a Photo Tag of Your Mom here!

  2. Be warned, myspace is highly addictive. It's insane how so. You'll change your background more times than you can count and obsess about every last detail...or maybe that's just me. :\

    I have a feeling knitting may be the same way.ww

  3. Those cards are great but I would have liked to of seen yours! I haven't given into myspace but Facebook instead!

  4. I've added you to my Myspace friends!

  5. Oh, I missed the mr linky....I will not iss it again. I have myspace too. Add me as a friend.

  6. I added you to myspace too girly!


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