Monday, March 26, 2007

I'll Update Soon..*EDITED*

***Edited - Please disregard the following. I completely did not mean to solicit any of you to buy me books. Desperate times, and all!

I know I missed last week's Friday Favourites and have yet to post today's Meet the Guys Monday. I didn't mention I'd reached my 400th post or tell you about N's birthday. And I should post what's been going on lately, and there are two ladies who need some congratulations and everyone has been lacking my comments lately, but really, what I'm can't contain anymore is my excitement over THIS BOOK. Someone please buy it for me. I've put it on my WISH LIST. Seriously. Buy this book for me, I'm broke. I had an advanced copy of the first book Twilight, and I seriously read it in one sitting, closed the book and then READ IT AGAIN, I loved it that much. I NEED THIS BOOK! (and I can't believe it was released ages ago and I missed it before now!)


  1. I missed you on Friday Favorites!!

  2. ooo....that does sound like a good book...


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