Monday, April 02, 2007

Ah, the memories..

I was tweezing my eyebrows earlier, and I remembered something that happened back in 8th grade. I was sitting in my favourite class, and the desks were pushed together into small groups. I (unfortunately) was seated with a vaguely popular and obnoxious boy and a sort of ice-queen. Rude, obnoxious boy points to Ice Queen and referring to the shaky little lines that stand in for her eyebrows and says 'Plucked' then points to me and says 'UNplucked' and back and forth. I wanted to die. And all those years ago I felt humiliated and wanted to come up with something clever and cool to say, which also incorporated the fact that Ice Queen had a mother and older sisters whereas I just had my father and a brother, neither of whom had ever plucked their eyebrows. Instead I said nothing. It was so hard being 13 and not having the courage to stick up for myself.


  1. I hear you...

    I once had a group of popular girls walk behind me at school in 6th grade singing the Nair song from the commercial... "Who wears short shorts! We wear short shorts... blah blah blah... Nair for short shorts!"

    All because I wasn't shaving my legs yet. Bitches.

  2. hahahaha! how awful!! don't you hate how those things just scar us for life? i'm with drama up there, i got made fun of for not shaving my legs, and despite their hairyness which my mom thought was "cute", she wouldn't let me shave them! i had to cry and beg!


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