Thursday, April 12, 2007

TT: TV Programmes

1. 24 - I didn't love this series immediately. It was a bit slow to get going, but now I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I've loved 24 from the start, even last season when they killed off some of my favourite characters (Tony Almeida, Edgar Stiles) (Is it wrong of me to be glad that Audrey Raines is dead?)

2. Lost This was another season I just wasn't sure about from the start (or was that last season) We're behind in America, and I always seem to look at sites with spoilers, but nothing has been too badly spoiled, thankfully.

3. Heroes Love, love, love this show. Could Hiro's character be any sweeter. And yes, I have a mild crush on Peter Petrelli.

4. Jericho I've been watching this show on Hallmark, and we're a million years behind the American showing. I couldn't even tell you what it is that makes this show so gripping, but it is.

5. Ugly Betty I love Betty Suarez! There's so much humour and heart in this programme!

6. Miss Match I know this is really old and I did watch glimpses of it years ago, but E4 are showing it after Ugly Betty on Wednesdays, and I've been enjoying watching it!

7. Bones I love this show. Initially only watched it because of David Boreanaz, but now I'm hooked. I thought Stephen Fry was great in his guest appearance, and I think Zach is my favourite character!

8. ER Gone downhill the last few seasons, but I can't stop watching it. But I heard Luka was leaving the show!

9. One Tree Hill We've rented season 3 and are watching it at a quick pace, but I don't like all the juvenile humour they've added. Haven't yet watched season 4 (we're taping it off of E4) but for now, I'm glad to see that Mouth has more screen time, and where is Keith?!

10. The OC I was slow on the OC-bandwagon and now regret not watching it from the start. I heart Seth Cohen! Currently only seen the first series, but eagerly waiting the next one...

11. Tru Calling I was a fan of both Buffy and Angel, so I was curious about this show. I didn't watch it when it first aired, but now that they're re-showing it on scifi, I've been known to sit through an episode (almost every day)

12. Friday Night Lights I kind of love sports films (this fact surprises me) and I enjoyed the movie, so it made sense to watch the show as well... it needs more football scenes.

13. Prison Break I'm not liking season 2 as much (Michael Scofield is very sexy, but he has very little personality!) but I can't tear my eyes away!


  1. I'm addicted to Jericho and the SO loves Prison Break. He was sad to see it go on hiatus last week. *g*

  2. 24: I only sit through it because of my husband. It's just got so ridiculous to me. And not in real time any more.

    Heroes: I love this too. Peter Petrelli is cute, but I've fancied him since he was a boy in Gilmore Girls! But what have they done to the bloke who plays Nathan Petrelli. he used to be a fanciab;e geek in Mysterious Ways but now he's grotesque! You're right about Hiro- too sweet!

    ER: OMG! I'm still traumatised by the news about Luka Kovac but I thought something was up when they brought in John Stamos to be the new, dark, troubled hunk. Lovely! But I still love Luka!

    What about Entourage? Have you seen any of that? I LOVE it!

  3. I liked Tru Calling when it came out..but now they aren't playing it here anymore. Love Heros, and Er, But I agree with ER going down hill. Plus anytime something better is on the TV they move Er to the next week and it gets annoying.

    I watched 24 the 1st season and it was good but how many more terrorists can come in one mans life?

    never watched Jericho or prison Break.

    watched the OC for the 1st season and then the last 5 episodes. The last ones were the best.

  4. I loved Tru Calling! I was rather upset when they cancelled it mid season of its second season. But I own both season, so I can watch it whenever.. And Bones that is a good show as well. Such a differant character for David Boreanez.. He plays the part well.

  5. I wish I could comment, but I am TV-less. My blog is new and not too popular, but hopefully you will get a little exposure from my TT link. I do like your blog name, and I love your butterfly background. Very pretty!

  6. I notice so many people overseas who watch and love our American shows. I didn't realize they were so prominent over there! Do you guys have any local shows you enjoy too? That isn't a mean question... I just wonder if you guys have comparable shows that you like. I have blog friends in Singapore and Australia and the UK and everyone watches the American shows! LOL!

    And you are right, Michael Scofield is way hot, but now that you mention it, he doesn't have personality. Heroes is AWESOME! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HEROES! LOL!

  7. I heart Peter Petrelli, too!


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