Thursday, May 03, 2007

Death by Brownies.

You know how one of my goals on my huge list, is 'bake once a month'? Well, I thought that I'd start with brownies for this month. Who doesn't love brownies? Well anyway, they came out great, and I added huge chunks of quality milk chocolate into the batter to make it really rich and gooey. And then I ate three huge chunks, feeling very proud of myself. And then I suffered. All day long. It was such a huge surge of sugar and chocolate to my system, you really should only eat small amounts. This I know now. I threw out all the rest of those damn brownies.


  1. Next time bake them for someone. I do that so I am not tempted to eat too many since I don't want to give a tiny plate of goodies away. You also get the added bonus of making someone else happy.

  2. Oh no! Too weird -- I got sick with brownies this weekend too.

  3. Am I the odd ball here. I don't like brownies. A bit too rich and sweet for my taste. Like Krispy Kreme donuts I think you can only have a very small amount w/out getting sick :-) Wow the last time I tasted a Krispy K donut I used to work.


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