Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thanks for the traffic!

I saw this on Lil Duck Duck once. I waded through my sitemeter and have listed the blogs that have recently brough traffic to my site! A big thank you to all of you! (sorry, those of you who use bloglines!) Check them out and maybe consider thanking those that link to you as well :) Love all around, I'm sure!

Jim and Katie had a little mishap with an exploding barbecue recently...

What I Do... has taken a little break from blogging, but the archives are still there!

Random Stuff and Ramblings is busy moving homes!

I'm Me, What More Do You Want? has had a loss in the family :(

A Meyerific Life has the most adorable children, but they seem to be a bit of a handful at times :)

Abundantly Blessed recently had a birthday in the family!

Exorcise My Devils is feeling a bit under the weather!

Mis-adventures of Captain Poopy has a 'fig' growing inside her (and I'm so jealous!)

Books. Lists. Life. is walking down a musical memory lane...

Adventures in Babywearing LOVES shoes!

Go check them all out!


  1. Hey, I'm on your list! I'll have to go check out the others, obviously, you have great taste. ;)

  2. Thanks for the mention :-)
    TIs and excellent idea to spread the blog word

  3. Fun!

    I tagged you for the Eating Out meme, stop by :)

  4. Always looking for more good blogs! Thanks!

  5. hahaha! thanks for putting me on your list! we're a jumbo shrimp now would you believe! thanks for the mention -- i will definitely be back to check out the others! xo


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