Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where I try to write too much to make up for my recent absence, bulletstyle:

  • First off, thanks for the massive response to my previous Wordless Wednesday post. In answer to the few questions I had regarding the photo - no, I'm actually a terrible gardener, so much so that my mother-in-law comes around sometimes to mow the lawn for me; I have no idea what type of roses they are - they could well be Don Juan climbing roses but they all sort of look the same to me; they were here when we moved in, I didn't plant them or anything; and last, I don't have the slightest idea if they smelt nice (they died a few weeks ago I've just been lazy about posting the photo) because I hardly ever go out into my back garden. I agree though, they do look pretty and they cheered me up as I stood at the kitchen sink doing dishes day after day...
  • I am not pregnant. This is the real reason I haven't been posting of late. For the last three weeks, I could have sworn to you that I was pregnant and expecting a little girl. This is actually the second month in a row I thought I was pregnant when I wasn't. There's something mentally wrong with me, I'm sure. I really hoped for it, and in doing so convinced myself without much evidence that I was pregnant. Yes, I was quite tired and took afternoon naps when I don't normally, but I've also been eating terribly and not sleeping well at night. Yes, I have had to go pee more often than normal, but it's also summer and I'm drinking more liquids. But in my head, it meant I was pregnant. The fact that I was 5 days late didn't help, and it sure got my hopes up. Three pregnancy tests later, here we are. We are in fact, not trying at the moment and I'm not sure why this was in my head so much over the last weeks. If I thought of it rationally, I shouldn't be so disappointed. I always thought to myself that it would be better if I was driving, if I had gone back to work, if Elliot was older and potty-trained. But I still feel disappointed. Who can blame me?
  • As for the likelihood of me going back to work, I have applied at a few places. One of which sounds really exciting. It's for the local council, two days a week as a sort of receptionist/clerical assistant. I sent in my application over the weekend and again, as in natural for me, I've gotten my hopes up about it. I shouldn't do, because I've also got an attack of the self-doubts. I have no experience in this sort of thing, it's a really well-earning job, etc. Wish me luck, I will definately need it.
  • I have read two books over the last week or so. The first, We be Yevgevny Zamyatin - apparently the inspiration for Orwell's 1984. It was really good, I recommend it. The second, Pastoralia by George Saunders. Short stories aren't usually my thing, but I thought I'd try it. I knew it'd be weird because on the front cover of this book is a chimpanzee in a blone wig, but even so long after reading it, I'm still processing it. It was good though. At the moment, I'm reading Oryx and Crake and can I just say that Margaret Atwood is my new favourite author!
  • I've been so busy lately! I've been looking into preschools for Elliot. It won't be until Autumn of 2008, but already the idea of it is making me sad. This deserves a post of its own.
  • I've also looked into obtaining British citizenship and it seems shockingly easy. Some paperwork, an interview, a fee. I'm going to get right on it. Soon I'll be Michelle, of the dual-citizenship...
  • It's been a movie-fest in this house over the last week or so, we've been watching semi-newish films as well as old favourites. I loved Little Miss Sunshine and wished I'd seen it earlier but absolutely hated The Holiday, which was a shame because I'm usually a sucker for the Christmas films... We watched The Day After Tomorrow today for the millionth time and what is it about that film that makes a room so chilly?
  • Tomorrow N is flying to Portugal. Thankfully it's only an overnight business trip, but I'll miss him. It's hard.
  • That's it for me. (almost anyway - a friend wrote this great post I thought I'd share, I hope she doesn't mind)


  1. pregnancy-wise: (((hug))). Nothing else I need to say to that.
    work-wise: You'd be great! Think positive!
    citizenship-wise: Good luck! I'd recommend getting the book from the library and reading it through. It is stuffed full of information that nobody I know knows, I know about a third of it! If it's so important for people moving here to know this stuff, then why don't they teach it in school to people who are here from the start...

    I've missed you! (and it's great to see you on FaceBook) xx

  2. god i've so been there with you on the pregnancy thing.

    my hubby's away too for a short trip, it's hard even if it's a short one. i'm at my parents' house, i'm such a wimp.

    good luck with citizenship! i'd love to have dual somewhere. happy monday!

  3. I'm sorry you're not pregnant. Even if you say you're not trying, it's still a letdown. I hope there will be a little girl in your future.

    Who goes to a country like Portugal for one night?! Seems like a waste of a trip. But I hope you get something nice from there when N comes back!

  4. I've been there with the pregnancy thing even though I am nowhere near ready. Give me a yr or so. It is disappointing no matter how you look at it.

    Good Luck with the job and dual citizenship. The thought of working again send chills all over me. It's just been so long

  5. Hey michelle hope you get the job you applied for and you are so right the Holiday sucked!

  6. Hello again!

    Dual citizenship! OOH! Good for you! That sounds exciting.

    As for the movies, Little Miss Sunshine was great and I really enjoyed the Holiday as well. Predictable but I thought the dialog was great and unique. Day after tomorrow was one I refused to watch because I HATE movies that actually portray a real life potential disaster...scares the crap out of me! But I finally watched it and wasn't bothered at all. It wasn't a great movie.. but entertaining and interesting effects.


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