Monday, September 03, 2007

Grandpa's coming...

I talk to my dad fairly regularly on MSN messenger. We didn't get along great during my teen years, but since we've both gotten older and since I moved thousands of miles away, we get along OK now. He really dotes on Elliot. He loves looking at his photos and he's always buying clothes and books for him. My dad pesters me constantly to update Elliot's (private) blog more often and loves hearing all the new little anecdotes. He's visited a few times to see Elliot. Once just after he was born, once again for Elliot's first birthday. He told me last night, he's flying in for Elliot's second birthday as well and staying for about three weeks. Usually when I hear that parents are coming for a visit, it usually means nights out with a free babysitter.. but not with my dad. Last time he was here, he didn't change a single nappy, he never once gave Elliot his bottle. And even though Elliot and his grandpa get on famously, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my dad as a babysitter. I'd worry Elliot wouldn't get to sleep on time, or wouldn't get fed. That I'd come home and he'd be in the same nappy I left him in. Elliot's birthday is right around the same time as me and N's wedding anniversary and N's work Christmas party and my dad will be here for both. I'm sure if we talked about it, my dad would be fine about it and would understand where I'm coming from. I just don't want to have that conversation.


  1. I say just go for it. You could always occasionally call while he watches the little guy to remind him of nappy changes and to feed him. I bet he would love some one-on-one time with Elliot.

  2. No harm in trying...wait...maybe, just kidding!


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