Monday, October 15, 2007

Hey bump - you're wrecking my wardrobe

So the other week I woke up and suddenly I have a bump. And sorry, I don't have a suitable photo. The problem is, I pulled out my maternity clothes last weekend from the attic, and it turns out I have very little suitable maternity clothes for winter, and I'm not sure what to do. It seems pointless buying NEW m-clothes when this will more than likely be my only other pregnancy, I don't have close enough friends to borrow their winter-y fat clothes, and I don't know of any good, local charity shops or whatever that stock maternity clothes. What would you do?

In whichever case, I need a new pair of jeans. I'm the type of girl that lives in her jeans, and thus the jeans are badly treated. My current jeans I bought for maybe 10 pounds at Tesco, and they've lasted me awhile... but now the trouser legs are all frayed, the seams are coming apart, there's a paint stain on one leg, a blood stain on the other from when I cut my finger, there's a big white patch in the pocket where I keep my phone, and the zip keeps falling as I'm wearing them. It is truly a sad pair of jeans. But do I buy another pair now, when soon enough I won't fit into them? And what if after the baby I'm not the same size anyway? Too many decisions...


  1. Oh you poor dear. Maybe you just need to put all aside and buy a few thing, not a lot. I wish you were close by. I recently cleaned out boxes in our garage and ran into the maternity things. I had a couple jeans that I had never worn and AMVETS got them last week.

    I want to see a picture though. This year is the year for pregnancies, I cannot tell you how many people I know who are pregnant. CRAZY!

    Take Care mama! Still no sickness?

  2. i used to live in jeans until i discovered yoga pants. maybe you could try a pair of those...they do have that elastic waist so no worrying about your zip slipping :)

  3. I would buy whatever I needed to be comfortable and feel good about myself during this time. I felt the same way with my last one, but decided that I would miss the clothes more than the money...does that make sense? I never regretted buying the clothes. It's so hard to dress with a sweet little bump....make it funner!


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