Thursday, October 18, 2007

Babies abound

I swear there must be some sort of baby boom happening in and around my town. Pregnant women are popping out of every corner of my life! I attend this coffee group with local women and there are 7 of us who meet on a regular basis. Currently 5 out of the 7 are pregnant. I know three more women at Elliot's toddler groups who are pregnant, two women who are my email buddies (but live in the same town) who are expecting. Two friends from back home are pregnant, and my sister in law is pregnant. How many is that? 13 women. And that's just the women I know. Everytime I tell someone new that I'm pregnant, I'll hear of a sister or a neighbour or cousin or someone else who's pregnant as well. That's a lot of babies.

I was beginning to worry though. I've had conversations with other mothers recently regarding their views on having more than one child. I was suprised to hear quite a few of my friends have decided to only have one child and have contemplated the idea of adding to their families by adoption instead of going through the trauma again. I think adoption is great, don't get me wrong - but do people seriously get that put off by pregnancy and labour? Maybe I've just been incredibly lucky so far with my experiences of both, but I still don't fully understand.


  1. that is a bit odd. I can honestly say I don't have any friends who would rather adopt. Me, I have no choice But I am ok with that...

    I always know at least 6 pregnant people. It's always been a joke, but in the past 13 years it's proved true...

  2. I've been saving this post until today so that I could come comment with a resounding- ME ME!! I'M PREGNANT! Finally had our first appointment and at 12.5 weeks I'm ready to come out on the internet.

    And wow. The second time around that belly just pops right out.


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