Saturday, November 24, 2007

I can't believe I left the camera downstairs!

I really wanted to post photos of the party today but they're all downstairs and you can't expect a pregnant woman to be traipsing up and down the stairs all the time :) The party turned out GREAT! Even better than I thought it would. My homemade fairy cakes were delicious, the kids were dancing around and having fun. Good conversation everywhere. I was really pleased with the whole event. A few highlights of the party: when one little girl decided to smear icing all over another girl's face and that girl let her, and when Elliot clapped after everyone sang 'Happy birthday' and blew out his two candles all by himself. It was so nice to see Elliot so happy and surrounded by his friends and family. I love that kid. I swear I will post photos tomorrow. Or possibly Sunday. But really I just want to go lie in bed after a really long day and watch the X Factor. And then possibly stay up the rest of the night reading my new book (Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer) and will try not to think about what tomorrow will bring. Thanks for your comments on my previous post - I'm still counting down the days until the end of November!

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