Friday, November 02, 2007

NaBloPoMo Groups

When I first decided to join NaBloPoMo for the second year running, I immediately starting writing down ideas for blog posts in my little notebook. I'm big on making lists and planning. It's soothing. There's no real strategy or common theme among the post ideas, but I do have more than 30 ideas almost ready to go. I did the same thing last year and managed everything fairly well. But this year is different. It's on that social networking site, and I must admit I am addicted to both myspace (to a smaller extent) and to facebook. I like social networking sites. It makes me feel like I belong. Especially this year's addition of blogging groups. All my life, I've sort of felt left out. I'm a mixed race child of a broken home. We moved around constantly, I never had long-term friends until high school. I never connected with people my own age. At 18, I moved to another country, married young into a family of a different culture and religion. I don't seem to fit in anywhere. Which is why I like the ease of the blogging groups this year. I can click on a link and say 'yes - this is who I am' So in a nutshell, here's me (and I apologise to my regular readers for the repitition):

I'm a mommy blogger. My son was born in November of 2005 just days short of my 5th wedding anniversary. He'll be turning 2 at the end of this month and I'm still in a state of denial that I'll have a child that old. He's the best thing in my life, and I blog about him quite a lot. He's absolutely gorgeous and incredibly sweet. Look forward to more posts about my little Elliot :)

I'm a book blogger. I read constantly. It started as a child, as my way of escaping the events going on in my life and has become my life's obsession and addiction. I go through phases of reading and set myself challenges like the recent Dystopian Challenge, and reading books off of the 1001 books to read before you die. I have a new challenge set for myself which I'm still debating. Watch this space.

I am a pregnant blogger. I am due with my second child on the 1st of April next year and am very excited. I worry about how Elliot will react to someone else stealing away his attention, but I hope that by worrying about it now, my husband and I can address the issue and make it somewhat easier on our oldest child. I'm at the end of my 18th week, and will soon have another ultrasound scan which I'm hoping will be able to tell us the sex of our new baby.

I am an expat blogger. As I mentioned, I moved to England when I was 18. I do still consider myself American, even though England is my home. A lot of people have asked about the differences between living in America as opposed to living in England, and I'm afraid I still haven't managed any good answers to that question. Maybe eventually.

Because of my mixed race backround (white and Native Alaskan), my being American and my husband English, I am also a blended blogger. I don't write much about this particular subject currently, but I do hope to in the near future. I do have concerns for my children as they grow up with such a mixture of cultures and accents.

I am, obviously, a UK blogger. It was a huge change, moving to England, and one that I hadn't put much thought into at the time. I had to adjust to different ways of living, a new culture, new language, money. It was very difficult for me at the time, but I have since become at home in England. England is where I will stay indefinately.

The following groups I had difficulty joining. The hesistancy is probably unfounded, who takes these groups too seriously anyway? But I am (sort of) a Catholic blogger as well as a blogger who uses her blog as cheap group therapy.

I've been taking private tutorials with my local Catholic priest as a way of joining the Catholic church and to unify my family, and to find a place to belong. It's still a work in progress though. I had/have a blog about my thoughts and views on religion separate from this blog, but it hasn't worked the way I'd have liked, so I'm in the process of joining the two blogs. Look for more soon. As for the therapy group, I'm still coming to terms with my relationship with my mother, other family members and my struggle with depression and unhappiness. All of which, I will be attempting to write about this month. I hope you're still with me.


  1. I certainly feel similarly to you, as an expat. Blogging makes me feel part of a community, while in my real life I am on the edges of the community. It helps, doesnt it?

  2. Although I haven't been through the difficulties you have, I understand how you feel about not fitting in. It's also interesting to read your thoughts on UK life. I really look forward to reading everything you intend to write!

  3. in varying degrees i think that most women go through these feelings of not belonging...
    I know I totally related (although the details may be different) to what you were saying.

    I am doing NaBlo this year, but it's my first. I was SUPER impressed with the sight... And surprised. I expected it to be more like NaNoWriMo's site set up, which doesn't impress me... Although I have a facebook, i can't stand it but I do love Myspace. (addict too...) :) you are right, it does help to feel connected... When I was on the east coast and most of my friends and family were on the West Coast, myspace was the great gap bridger!

  4. I am so happy we found each other. I was thinking about a few things the other day and realize we have "known" each other for over a year now...By the way, I love this post!


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