Monday, November 19, 2007

A short one

N's working late and I might not get the time to post this later. I feel like I'm shortchanging my blog readers somehow by not sticking to plan of interesting blog ideas, but I just can't do it right now. We went to our weekly coffee afternoon today even though it was pouring down with rain. There was a 4 month old baby there, and I've never seen Elliot be so affectionate before. He's usually quite cuddly and likes to give kisses, but today he couldn't stop petting this little boy on the head and trying to give him toys to play with. It really melted my heart and I hope this is a good indication of what Elliot will be like with his future sibling. (Ha! See how I didn't give the sex of the baby away there?)

N's sister update: She was induced yesterday and has gone into labour. No other news.

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