Sunday, November 18, 2007

This is what I haven't been telling you...

Next weekend, along with Elliot's second birthday party, I'll also be baptised, confirmed and given first communion. I'm not sure why I haven't spoken about it before, but I feel weird about it. Only because I don't know any one else who's gone through a similar experience. It feels strange to be baptised at the age of 25. It's something I'd been thinking about doing for awhile, so I'm not regretting my decision. I'm just feeling a little awkward about standing in church in front of a bunch of strangers. When I decided to take tutorials with my local priest, I honestly thought the process would be a lot longer. I thought I'd have to study, prepare a bit more. I'm still feeling as if there are things about the Catholic faith that I don't fully understand or appreciate at the moment. The last time I spoke to the priest he said I'd need to find a sponsor, someone to stand up with me. I've asked my mother-in-law and I do feel slightly better knowing I won't be up there all alone. But I am still nervous. And a little anxious. But also a little excited. So wish me luck. I'll need it. I'll need it to find something suitable to wear over my expanding stomach. I'll need it to keep Elliot under control for the length of the ceremony seeing as how we'll be in the front pew. I'll need it in order to not mess up or say the wrong thing in my nervousness. And I'll need it for some other awaiting disaster I haven't yet thought of...


  1. thats amazing! Good for you! I imagine there are a lot of people who have made this decision later into life...

  2. Very cool. Jim went through the same thing before we got married. Although it does sound like his program was longer. But you can learn about being Catholic while being Catholic, Congratulations!

  3. Corrr! All three at once! As long as you don't have to make your first confession before a bunch of strangers, I suspect you'll enjoy the whole experience. I can imagine that the bunch of strangers who witness your baptism, communion and conformation will overwhelm you with good wishes as well.

    Good luck and enjoy it!


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