Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The tree is up, the Christmas cards have been sent out, the Christmas music has been playing, the presents have all been bought... it's almost here! We have three children's Christmas parties that Elliot will be going to this year, N bought him the cutest outfit in the world to wear to them. I can't wait to post a photo! But I'm dying to hear about your Christmas traditions? How do you celebrate? Do you open a present on Christmas eve? Do you leave anything out for Santa?


  1. we do church and presents at home on Christmas eve. Then we go to my sisters Christmas morning for gifts and breakfast. Then we go to my sister in laws for Gifts and lunch at 1. Then we go to my sisters again that night for games/movies/dinner/relaxing...

    We do leave things out for santa, but my daughter knows her daddy is santa... its just for fun!

  2. When i was a kid, my mom would put hay down in the living room for us kids to sleep on every christmas eve. We opened presents on christmas day, only after we got my dad up. We use to have to jump on him to get him up.. We left milk and cookies of course..


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