Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby clothes...

Here's my confession: I bought these baby clothes more than a year ago for a cousin's baby in Australia. Because of an error in the postal address it got bounced around in some foreign post office before being sent back 6 months later. And by the time it got back to us, the clothes would have been too small for the little girl. So I kept them. (we sent other gifts for the cousin's baby of course!) And here's the thing, at least two friends of the family have given birth to little girls since then, but I've been hoarding these clothes. Just in case, you know? And when I found out I was having another boy, maybe for a little while I was sad at the idea of not being able to buy pretty dresses and pink butterfly tops, but it didn't last long, I promise. And now it'll feel a bit liberating to give someone else these little clothes. And I realised, boy's clothes are cute too. I went through all of Elliot's weeny baby clothes the other day and started crying. Everything was so little, and I kept remembering funny things that Elliot had done while wearing those clothes and I started looking forward to new memories of a new baby boy in those same clothes.


  1. sometimes we have ways of holding on to things because we think it makes us feel better, when in actuality it sort of cripples us. Even if it's just a little... I totally get this post!

  2. I totally understand what you're saying. When I 1st found out I was having a boy I too was a little sad but it only lasted for a couple of seconds, as I watched him on the monitor in my tummy almost waving at me.

    I have kept most of Alyssa's clothes and some of Christopher's. I just can't get rid of certain things like the coming home outfits. It brings back wonderful memories. I still cry every time I have to go through their closets to remove outgrown clothing. I'm so emotional.

    By the way I love that dress. It's gorgeous.

  3. I am right there with you! I kept a lot of the baby clothes that i bought thinking I was having a boy. I ended up getting a nephew and giving them to my sister!

  4. I was the same, i was very sure i was having a boy for some bizarre reason and bought lots of little boy bits...i now have two girls and after a while i loved all the pink and frills, and gave the boy clothes away to my new nephew.

    I run a forum for mums/mums to be at http://www.pregnancy2parenting if you would like a look, its for chat and sharing experiences :)

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  6. I have both my girls baby clothes. With the girls being brn in opposite seasons it was hard to share, I can't wait to find out what this baby is.


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