Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Catching up...

Last week we were on holiday, and as much as I'd love to write a long post filling you in on all the details, it would take far too long. So have a list instead:

This week:

we went to a zoo
went to the Natural History Museum,
where we saw the worst puppet show EVER,
and Oldest held his friend H's hand for such a long time,
the Science Museum
met some great friends
went to Bournemouth beach
where we made at least 10 sandcastles,
and collected a bucketful of rocks and shells
and had a fish and chips lunch with a great view,
went to an aquarium
went to Paulton's theme park
went to a Butterfly House
N and I had a break from the boys and went to London on our own
and saw a live horror show
went to an art exhibition
a modern art exhibition
crashed a movie exhibition
took 592 decent photos
rowed a boat on the roof of a building
crawled around on a membrane on the top of London
had three icecreams each
drank bottles and bottles of squash
rode on 11 trains
I read two books
spent far too much money
drove millions of miles
bought two pairs of shoes for Oldest
bought 4 stuffed animals for Littlest and
ordered carpet and curtains for Littlest's bedroom!

Plus loads more I can't think of! We had a great holiday


  1. well my goodness! That is quite a holiday!

  2. wow!!!! i am thoroughly impressed by yet another list of yours!!!!!! that is some list. sounds like you had a blast!


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