Thursday, August 28, 2008

Better late than never I suppose

I have an embarassing confession to make: I've never voted in a presidential election. No, I've never voted in anything. It's not something I'm proud of, I've always meant to, but until now I hadn't really done anything about it.

You see, I moved to England just after my 18th birthday and didn't realise I could vote whilst outside of the US (ignorance is not an attractive quality to have) and once I did know that I could vote, I was too lazy to fill out the forms and send them off in time. This year is different. I fully intend to have the paperwork filled out and sent off in time to cast my vote in this year's election. About time, right?


  1. I have voted before - I vote in the uk postal voting system much easier :)

  2. It depends who you're voting for, Michelle ;)


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