Tuesday, August 26, 2008


All of the typing I do makes my handwriting look like this.

It was written in my notebook that is always laying around somewhere. It's filled mostly with lists. Lists of books read, lists of things to do, blog ideas, phone numbers, books I'd like to read, gift ideas, the rota for my local coffee group. It seems like I have thousands of these type of notebooks lying around. I can't really couldn't live without one.

What does your handwriting look like? Enquiring minds would like to know.


  1. Yes I missed you, but you were having fun!
    I may have to do this next week, although my handwriting is either very neat or terrible, depending on whether I'm writing reviews for work or quick notes to myself.

  2. ahhhh lovely hand writing :0 i may have to do this at somepoint tho i don't knwo what people will think of mine!

    I like how yours has a constant slide slant :) looks very neat x

  3. good idea i'll have to post mine- everyday or nice handwriting?

  4. I went with my everyday handwriting but feel free to do either! Whatever you're comfortable with!


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