Friday, September 12, 2008


I've been struggling all week to update my blog links, and I just about managed it, until The Black Box comes along... Can I just say, I love that thing. I have very little time at the moment to blog, write, or comment but all the time that I have at the moment is being taken up by that beautiful little widget. It's there in my sidebar, go check it out, you'll meet some great people. And if you've stopped by here from it, be sure to say hello!

Also, here are some cool blogs that have recently been added to my blog list:

Hillary, an old friend of mine from high school, over at my thoughts exactly has just signed a two book deal with a publisher.

I've considered seriously whether or not to join bookshelves of doom's The Big Read because she's so funny... still on the fence! ack!

My Friend Amy is Hosting a Book Bloggers Appreciation Week and there will be hundreds of cool giveaways and things but her blog is always very entertaining to read anyway.

Speaking of giveaways, Bloody Hell, It's a Book Barrage! just posted one of the funniest posts for her latest...

And the first person who finds my husband N's blog amongst the others and reports back get a very special 'hurray' from me! Happy hunting!


  1. Hi Michelle! The widget lead me here. Good isn't it! :o)

  2. Hi just found you via the widget! I am truly addicted!

  3. I found you through the black box, too. That darn little thing. But I finally got to see one of the decisions I made which was coffee/tea. Hasn't happened yet.

  4. I'm here by the Black Box! Can't stop playing with it! Can barely catch my breath....I'm off again.


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