Saturday, November 15, 2008

The X Factor...

OK, I'll admit it. We're huge X Factor fans in this house. We watched all the auditions, boot camp and now stay up far too late to watch the live finals (tonight being no exception, wheee). And we've let Elliot watch most of it with us. We usually watch the results without him but keep the Xtra Factor shows to watch with him the next day.

And oh boy, has Elliot been influenced by the show! He actually does a little routine, which is very cute where he spins around whilst saying 'You're Saturday night starts riiiiiiiiiight here' and also, 'are you ready X Factor judges?' Yesterday though, it reached new lows.

Elliot heard the new Girls Aloud single 'Promise' on the radio and said 'That's Cheryl singing! I like Cheryl'

Have you been watching? Who do you want to win? And who grates on your very last nerve?


  1. hmm Im not so into it, it's on at the time I get the kids into bed and I end up missing loads :(

  2. LOL--never heard of it but I enjoyed watching the video. And is that Simon Cowell? What is he NOT on??

  3. Trish - Simon Cowell is a great reason to watch the show! He makes some fantastic remarks!

    Emmie - we record it and then watch it when the kids are asleep!


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