Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So much fun to be had with wrapping paper

I wanted to post these photos before Christmas becomes an event so far behind us that speaking about it would seem silly. So, here we are - Christmas of 2008, wrapping paper edition:

Oldest, aged 3

Littlest, aged 9 months (first Christmas!)

Thankfully, we had a healthy, relaxing Christmas. Now that it's over, Littlest has conjunctivitis, Oldest has pus on his tonsils and is on antibiotics (sorry for that rotten mental-image!) I had a terrible fevery cold and now N is coming down with something. Thank god it all happened after Christmas, right?


  1. Beautiful pics, M. Sorry you are all under the weather now.


  2. I hope all of you get to feeling better soon! I'm glad you guy's had a good Christmas!

  3. Cute pictures! Sorry to hear you are sick. :(

  4. It seems the nastiness is also present across The Pond. There are some nasty colds in my daughter's daycare. I've been fighting off a mild cold for a couple weeks now. Happy New Year's Eve!

  5. oh poor guys! hope you are all feeling better? take it easy :) x

  6. Oh, no! Sounds awful! I hope everyone gets better soon.


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