Monday, February 09, 2009

Interview Questions

Florinda over at 3 R's (one of my favourite bloggers, go check her out if you haven't already) sent me these interview questions. I had a lot of fun answering them! If you want to play along as well, see the rules at the bottom!

  • What hobby or pastime that you don't seem to have time for anymore would you like to start up again?

  • I've been thinking about this a bit lately. Especially after a Weekly Geeks task (which I lurk around at but haven't participated in for awhile) was blogging about other hobbies/interests outside of books and blogging. I feel like I need to branch out a bit, but now isn't the right time. With the studying and looking after my children I don't really have the time. But that isn't the question. If I DID have the time what would I like to start up again. Hmm, implies I had some hobby before.

    I guess writing would be one. In high school I kept writing stories that I hoped would eventually be published. I haven't written anything in awhile but it certainly would be something I'd like to continue with eventually. I love to take photos but I know I'm not very good at it. I'd love to take a class. If I wasn't starting my psychology degree, I think I'd study for a Modern Languages degree, the focus being on Spanish and English. The OU does this programme and everytime I look at it I think, I'd like to do that. I wish I had more time to read. I wish I had more time to focus on my running and branch out to different sports. I used to be on a swimming team (swimming is in my genes, remind me and I'll tell you about it sometime) and would love to swim again. I'd love to spend more time baking. I so want to be that mom who bakes lovely smelling things and my kids will think back fondly of their mom's baking.

    When I thought about it more, it turns out I do have hobbies and interests outside of books and blogging!

  • If you could only have ONE of the following: music, TV, books, or internet - which would it be, and why?

  • This one seemed harder than it is, really. Immediately, I would drop both TV and music. I like them both, but they're the two, for me, that are more easily expendable. Then the logical part of my brain thought maybe I'd choose the Internet and that way I could still access TV programmes, books music and still blog and email. But I just couldn't do it. I love my books too much. I like the feeling of reading actual books, turning the pages, curled up somewhere comfortable. I could never give up my books. It'd be hard for me to give up blogging but what can I do?

  • What's on the menu for your last meal? (The foods can come from anywhere - six different restaurants, your late grandma's kitchen, a taco truck, etc.)

  • Food. I don't like food that much. I'm always a bit 'meh' when it comes to good food. Give me a delicious slice of cake or some other dessert and I'll be impressed.

    Last meal. My all-time favourite meal came from this Indian restaurant that was just around the corner from where we used to live in Hounslow. We went there all the time. I'd always get the same meal. Lamb kofta kebab for starters, a chicken and pineapple curry similar to a chicken korma, very creamy (I can't for the life of me remember what this dish was called!) aloo gobi and a garlic naan. I love Indian food. I'm not a big fan of spicy so wherever we go I always end up with a very mild chicken dish. Our current Indian takeaway does this nice chicken curry with nuts (why can I not find the menu anywhere?!) If I were to choose a meal, I'd probably go with this one. Maybe I'd choose saag aloo instead of the gobi aloo, but the rest stays the same. Don't get me started on desserts. We'd be here all day and wouldn't get anywhere.

  • What does the title of your blog mean?

  • You know, I wish the answer to this question was more interesting, but it's not. I had a different blog title when I started, but then I was blog-hopping and someone (not someone whose blog I normally read) mentioned visiting a butterfly house. It got me to thinking that my favourite place in all of England was this butterfly house that was near where I used to live. (The Butterfly House in Syon Park, Isleworth which has since shut down as far as I know) On a whim, I changed my blog title to 'Fluttering Butterflies' because I liked the visual it produced. Then someone lovely came along and cemented the title by designing this butterfly background and header for me for free!

  • What is your most surprising talent or interest - the one that makes people say "I didn't know you (did/liked/knew)..."?

  • I don't really know how to answer this one. I guess it would probably be that I cook. All the time and it's not terrible. I cook a lot of things from scratch. That might be surprising because a) I don't like food much and b) N is a much better cook. To be honest, if he's in the house, I sometimes don't even consider cooking dinner. I just figure he'll do it. My mother in law says all the time how impressed she is that I've come so far in my cooking abilities. She likes my food most of the time and she's quite the picky eater so I think that that's saying something.

    But Joshua's food (and before Elliot was a year old) is my territory. I didn't like the idea of giving my children baby food from those awful little jars so I've made all my own purees and other baby foods. I love knowing exactly what my kids are eating. I spend a lot of time with it. I try to make different things every week. I feel on top of the world when the kids like what I've made. When Joshua pulls faces like he doesn't like what I've made him, I'm heartbroken.

    Feel like playing along?

    Leave me a comment saying, "Interview Me." Please include your e-mail address if it is not in your profile.
    I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions.)
    You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
    You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
    When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


    1. I would struggle to choose either internet or books. What a hard choice that would be. Probably have to go with books though too.

    2. Thanks so much for playing, Michelle - I liked your thoughtful answers! And someone else I "interviewed" said that the second question was harder than it seems, too :-).

    3. I loved your answers! Writing is definitely the one hobby I want to make time for again the most. I miss it. Internet, music or books...argh! TV I'd drop easily too.

    4. It's always so fun to read these because you get to know your blog friends a bit better. And, hey, I'm all about dessert too! :)

    5. I could easily drop music and TV, but choosing between the internet and books could get ugly! I know what you mean about hobbies...I have a stack that i've been neglecting that I need to refocus on but just never to seem to find them time. I'm definetly up for being interviewed, so interview me!

    6. That 2nd one is a doozy! I would of course keep books, but I'd have to track down transcriptions of all my favourite blogs and TV shows to read. Plus song lyrics are poetry I could just read my favourite songs!
      Or is that cheating just a little?
      If you can think up enough questions to allow for other requests then INTERVIEW ME!

    7. I enjoy these interviews, I feel the same about reading, the only reading I do online is blogs I couldn't read a book online I much prefer the feel of the book in my hands and snuggling up on the sofa with the book in my hands.. beats sitting on a hard chair infron of a pc anyday!

    8. Emmie - I've tried and failed to read a book online many times. Just can't do it.

      Kate - I will get around to interviewing you, I promise.

      antipodeanowl - I will send you an email with your questions as soon as possible, sorry for the delay!

      Iliana - dessert rules.

      Nymeth - it was a really hard question! What type of writing do you do?

      Florinda - thank you again for the interview questions!

      Scrap girl - I think so too. Difficult though.

    9. I liked the TV/books/music/internet question. Without a doubt I'd drop all but the internet. I can get TV, books, and music on the internet. I wouldn't lose too much. Fun questions!

    10. Natasha - My brain tells me to choose the internet because of practicalities like that, but my heart told me to choose books!


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