Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Also known as Daddy Potter

I know I'm going to fall behind in these next three weeks, blogging, reading other blogs, commenting. I even know that I'll fall a little behind in my studies, but I will try my best to keep up with all of those.

I thought today I might mention Joshua's birthday which is coming up, but I was going through a photo folder just now and found this photo that I was going to use in the post about my dad and then forgot to include it. It's too good of a photo not to show you all.

It was taken ages ago, maybe five years ago. My dad came to stay with us for three months. It was during the time that I working at Books Etc and as a charity event, the staff members were dressing up in silly hats on the weekends. I, of course, have a large supply of silly hats. And this is one of them. Meet my dad, wizard.

He really is quite strange sometimes. I love that about him.


  1. i love this! I hope it's an amazing 3 weeks! That's whats important!

  2. I love this photo. Your dad looks like quite a character. I hope you enjoy spending time with him over the next three weeks.

  3. How awesome that your dad can be silly.

  4. what a wacky daddy :) got to love him!

  5. What a great picture! You guys have tons of fun while he's visiting.

  6. Your dad is awesome! I have trouble getting my dad to SMILE in a photo - there is no way he would ever put on a fun hat and take a goofy pic like this!!
    LOVE it!!!


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